Jonathan Fogarty Racing at Gaynestown Stud

At Gaynestown Stud we train our racing horses for many different sporting applications. These services include:

Point to Point Racing

Race Horse Syndication & Shares

Leasing Syndication

National Hunt (N.H) Horses

Flat Horses

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Racehorse Syndication & Shares

Horse Syndication and Shares at Gaynestown Stud in Wexford

Interested in owning your own racehorse?

We can give you the opportunity to experience the thrill of owning your own racehorse by joining one of our professionally managed Racehorse syndicates. We form racehorse syndicates which will allow you to buy a well-bred racehorse at a fraction of the cost of full ownership. We pride ourselves on enjoyable racehorse syndicates with regular communication to keep you up-to-date with your animals development, progress and wellbeing, and stable visits giving you a more personal experience.

We always welcome new enquiries for racehorse syndicates. We give horse racing enthusiasts the opportunity to experience all the excitement and thrill of watching their horse compete at National Hunt and Flat rules and make the dream of owning a thoroughbred an affordable reality. We increase your chances of having a successful experience in one of the most emotionally rewarding sports in the world.

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